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Heart Corporate Events

Corporate events at our Curious Kitchen are a wonderful way to bring a team together. By sharing and exploring a unique food experience, relationships are built and team bonding is fostered. Whether you want to bring your team together or just reward them for great work.

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Heart Musings

Here at Heart Kitchen we are passionate about food, cooking, growing and sourcing. We are going to share stories, incidents from the kitchen, inspirational moments, memories and musings on life in general, heart intelligence inspired tips, and the occasional (we hope!) rant about things we’d like to change! Please join us……

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Heart Curious Events

Join us here to see what amazing food-inspired experiences we offer in our curious kitchen. Let’s discover together the joys of connecting body, heart & soul with food … Explore its origins …Experience 4 simple steps to a deeper heart centred life. Let’s get cooking.

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Our vision is to create a journey of food with you - Infuse your life with a heightened awareness of food ..... where it comes from, its journey, its preparation, the joy of sharing and experiencing it together ..... ultimately giving us fuel for life.

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What is Heart Kitchen?

      • A place to explore life using the power of food in our Curious Kitchen experiences
      • Heart centred coaching experiences for singles, couples, families, friends and small groups
      • Inspirational Food ideas, Recipes and Insights
      • Origins, Source and Providence
      • Food History its Journey and Memories
      • A Place to Connect and Share with Community
      • Health and Nutrition Body Mind and Soul …. Healthy choices
      • 4 Simple Steps to Heart Intelligent Food and Lifestyle

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What Our Friends Say

The day was inspiring and was delivered with such love, calmness, passion and joy.  The food was delicious and sharing together to eat in the evening was wonderful.  Massive thanks and gratitude.
Kim Galvani
The part I loved the most was connecting with the food, it’s origins and the passion for creating food that was shared.  What I take away from the day is an ability to enjoy the simplicity of nutritious ingredients and recognition that no food is actually bad for me.
Anita Murray
What an amazing day! It was so wonderful to connect with everyone through food.  I still can’t believe the I had so much FUN actually preparing and cooking two tasty meals together and not feeling that it was a chore.  Thanks for a wonderful day!
Christine Bucklar
It was really a fabulous day! I connected very deeply to what my body really wants and to not just eat what my eyes like.  I enjoyed creating the meal with others and I had so much fun to make it so playfully.
Kami Plihalova