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Nana’s Banana & Pecan Pudding Loaf… By Lucy Simmons

Epic Nana dessert, it lays somewhere between a cake, a pudding and a loaf bread. Totally moorish, over ripe banana, almonds and crushed pecans or walnuts, serve still warm from the oven with a thick vanilla custard or ice cold cream straight from the fridge

By lucy

Ginger Dark & Sticky Loaf……. For Simon….Made By Sue.

A delicious, moist and sticky loaf cake and a healthy version too, with no refined sugar. Just perfect with a nice cup of tea.

By Simon

Apple & Fruit Hot Cross Scones… By Lucy Simmons

Apple and mixed fruit scones.....perfect for an afternoon tea and not just for Easter too.

By lucy

Chocolate Bark……..Great Fun With The Kids…. By Lucy Simmons

Chocolate fun times with the kids, using up any leftover chocolate, milk, white, dark.... Using anything else in the Aladdin's sweety cave, sprinkles, meringue, honeycomb the choice is endless..........

By lucy

Mango, Cardamon & White Chocolate Easter or Anytime Bread… By Lucy Simmons

A total taste explosion, mango, cardamon, white chocolate & pistachio, sweet bread traditionally served at Easter, we feel any time of the year is perfect......

By lucy

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake… By Lucy Simmons

Amazing...and delicious!

By lucy

Salted Caramel Cupcakes… By Lucy Simmons

Perfect for a celebration and totally delicious.....This is the most delicious cup cake you will ever taste!

By lucy

Lemon Tart… By Lucy Simmons

A zingy lemon tart, with marshmallowy meringues on top....simply delicious!

By lucy

Delicious Chocolate Mousse… By Lucy Simmons

A delightful smooth rich chocolate mousse simple to prepare in advance.... a real winner for dessert.

By lucy

Rocky Road… By Lucy Simmons

A simple to prepare, delicious rocky road. A treat any time of the day, or night..... Great fun and one square just isn't enough!

By lucy