Category: Signature Dish

Tortiglioni Pasta Pie………

Little pasta tubes, standing upright, like soldiers on parade filled to top with a stunning vegetable ragu, bursting with flavour, topped with hunks of ripped buffalo mozzarella & scatterings of grated pecorino, oven baked and served to the table,  finished with handfuls of basil leaf, black pepper & toasted pine nuts...... Hungry !!!!!

A real family favourite, simple fun and super delicious....sometimes one pie is just not enough......

By Simon

A Sicilian Feast of Spaghetti & Meatballs….

A super simple, totally delicious midweek family favourite... Beef meatballs, crispy outside, soft inside. with a twist of Sicily, a beautiful rich tomato sauce and freshly cooked spaghetti.... topped with Parmesan & ripped basil...... Epic.

By Simon

Meat Free Monday Burgers & A Kicking BBQ Sauce…..

Inspired from the cookbook "Peace & Parsnips" a little twist on a couple of groovy burger recipes to celebrate meat free mondays in the Curious Kitchen.... Roasted sweet potato & aubergine, miso infused brown rice, sun kissed tomato and a ton of other stuff.... A quick and simple wild mushroom & bean burger, also packed with lots of stuff and of course flavour. Give em a blast its BBQ party time.................


Passion Fruit Dessert With Mango, Coconut & Lime… By Lucy Simmons

Oh my! what a dessert, not only does it look amazing it tastes amazing, the creamy filling is light and sweet with the crisp pastry and fruit piled on top... One of my favourite desserts!

By lucy

Braised Beef in Barolo Wine ….. Brasato al Barolo……

Made with the famous Barolo wine of the Piemontese region, this beef dish loves a long bathe in the full bodied wine along with vegetables & herbs before being slowly cooked over a gentle flame. This gives the dish its richness and succulence, traditionally served with polenta......... It's worth the wait.....

By Simon

Sesame Squid With Anchovy, Caper & Parsley Mayo….Simply Roasted Lobster Tails…. Scallops In Turmeric & Ginger Crisps….

Men of the world, wanna stun her heart wide open, this is the one! If she likes seafood she will love this sharing together platter, it's simple, vibrant, packed with flavour, full of romance and love. Give it a go, her heart will love it and if you're a lucky boy, you will too...

By Simon

A Volcano Of Profiteroles & Caramel Lava… By Lucy Simmons

Light, golden & crisp profiteroles filled to the gunnels with vanilla cream, adorned with a rich caramel sauce, they look like a huge volcano, erupting with rivers of golden lava. Perfect for sharing and a truly great centrepiece for your celebration table, one is just not enough..........

By lucy

Oriental Pork & Noodles…To Celebrate The Year Of The Goat. By Lucy Simmons

A beautiful vibrant, zingy, aromatic creation to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Goat, well we used pork !!!!

By lucy

Lemon & Lime Meringue Pie With A Twist… By Lucy Simmons

This is a twist on a traditional lemon meringue pie. I have used a lovely crumbly sweet shortbread base and adding another citrus fruit, lime to the filling makes it even more zingy. Finally, the meringue is light and silky and charred with a flame for more taste and texture.

By lucy

Hearty Fruit Tartlets… By Lucy Simmons

Great party or celebration tartlets, crisp sweet pastry, filled with silky creme patisserie, adorned with strawberries and a sticky glaze. Perfect for seasonal abundant fruit anytime of the year.....

By lucy