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Seafood Chowder Soufflé….Epic

We love a great chowder; heart warming and delicious, today we decided to make a soufflé top to transform this into a stunning dinner party course. It's simple to make ahead of time, and will blow your guests' taste buds to a new level, so give it a go and be creative with the wonderful chowder.

By Simon

Ernest’s Ultimate Lobster Chowder…..

Ernest shares his recipe for Amazing Lobster Chowder.....

By Simon

Celeriac Soup with Black Pepper Croutons

Celeriac, such a wonderful yet underrated root vegetable, in abundance during late winter into early spring. It has the flavour of sweet and nutty celery. So give celeriac a try, it works well as a creamed or chunky soup or chowder.

By Simon

Rich Chicken Stock….

We love making this simple rich chicken stock, its like the magic touch to so many recipe's. In this recipe we use a whole fresh chicken, i love the meat that is left at the end, mincing around like a hungry caveman, now you could use up chicken and it's skeleton from a previous meal as well.

By Simon

Simple Rich Beef Stock….

Country people all over the planet have been making stock's since time immemorial, using the bones and leftovers to make these wonderful bases for so many other dishes, its like, part of the foundations to so many amazing recipes, giving depth, transforming any dish to a new level. We love our local butcher's, they always have a big armful of beef bones, just perfect for making the most delicious beefy stock. Its worth the effort, its brings the feel good factor and you will get to taste that in your cooking. This recipe will make 3 litres of stock, and can be frozen in batches, just waiting for your next creation.

By Simon

Caramelised Onion soup with Gruyere twirls

On a chilly autumn evening or winter's day, there are few dishes more comforting than a wonderful caramelised onion soup with a scattering of cheese topped, crispy croutons. This recipe is simple and a complete joy to make, once you have got the slicing marathon done !!!! It can be made in advance, stored for a few days in the fridge or frozen, ready to consume...that's if you have any left to freeze !

By Simon

SWISS CHARD & POTATO SOUP…. mmmm.. And how to prepare a beautiful vegetable stock….

Stock is the basis to all amazing soups..... Talk to anyone on this planet about soup in whatever variations, since the earliest moments people have kept simmering pots of various stock bases all day long on the kitchen stove. Now I realise that with our hectic lifestyles this may not be possible, so here's a thought! Stock will transform any dish, with that in mind, it's worth making! Make it in abundance with quality ingredients, it's fun, it requires little attention, it's therapeutic, it has a great feelgood factor! So it's worth making more than you need and freezing it in batches for a rainy day! OR EVEN make the stock on a rainy day!!!

By Simon

Seasonal Soup

A simple, fresh soup, on the table in less than half an hour, using whatever is in season. Today's version is broccoli! Vary with different seasonal produce try curried parsnip, pea and mint, tomato and basil, celeriac, beets.....the list goes encouragement is to feel into which flavours are 'best friends'! and experiment :)

By Sue