Cuisine: Russian

Bistro Stroganoff With Sweet Potato Matchsticks…….

Super quick, super easy midweek supper, beautiful fillet beef stroganoff, today made with a slight twist to fuel the dairy and nightshade intolerant amongst us......

By Simon

Kievs…..And Yes We Use Garlic !

After making Kievs for our family for 20 years, I was shocked to discover recently that a traditional Kiev has no garlic. Well that stopped me in my tracks, Kiev without that garlicky butter!!! . No never! I am going to stand by my food conditioning and belief that garlic was always included. It's a huge awareness for me that my experience around food comes from conditioning and usually from a bad or joyful experience..... school dinners, opinions of a parent or friend, treats from a grandparent, the list is endless and appears in all parts of life, and how that creates my reality and constantly shows up over and over again. This is where Heart Intelligence is a most useful tool. It teaches us to use and practice the fundamental skill of simple tracking thus creating the vital ability to discern between what is truth and what comes from conditioning. Let's say, for example, my mother didn't like garlic, she would never cook with it or share a love of garlic with me as a child. It's possible and indeed probable that as I go through my life I will take on this belief as my own and never experience cooking or eating garlic. It could be true that her dislike may have been transferred from her mother or her mother's conditioning and the cycle goes on. Now this is a very huge area we can explore, so if this stirs something in you, check out our sharing in heart musings piece entitled " Conditioning". I hope you love our beautiful recipe for Kievs and yes, for me, I always use garlic.

By Simon