Cuisine: Spanish

Paella Our Way……

Simple and delicious, our Heart Kitchen version of Spanish Paella. At Heart Kitchen we love a paella, its one of those amazing dishes that can be shared straight to the table bringing the whole family together. Great fun and so many variations that can be, meat, vegetarian

By Simon

Ensaimadas… “Sweet Bread Of Mallorca”

"Phoebe, what would you love for your birthday celebration feast?" the list goes: home-made pizza with loads of toppings, a baked american cheese cake, "and Dad, do you remember those pastries we used to walk to the bakers to buy when we were on holiday in Spain? ...... Those please." so here they are, sweet and totally moorish we made 8, giant sized dusted in icing sugar.....well, it is a birthday celebration after all..........

By Simon

Rustic Spanish Bread..… By Lucy Simmons

A classic Spanish rustic loaf, light, nutty and a must to mop up the juices of many of Spains one pot dishes, you can also try it with a hunk of Manchego cheese & fiery pickle, Spanish ploughman's ..........Epic

By lucy

Spain Simply In A Dish,

A truly authentic taste explosion of Spain. Paprika roasted cod laying on a bed of spicy chorizo, tomato, potato, onion and garlic. A simple one pan dish, served in the traditional way with a crusty white bread ...........Hola !!!!!!!

By Simon

Cooked Over A Wood Fire….Paella

Paella.....The most famous of Spain's culinary dishes. Incredibly versatile, today we share our own version of the famous, Paella of Valencia. Paella's origins began with the humble farmers, using whatever bits of meat and vegetables left over, the farmers of the coastal regions adding fish and seafood, bringing it all together with rice to create a much simpler version of the paella we know worldwide today. Simple honest and seasonal using the abundance all around us. A true sharing and dish of celebration.

By Simon

A taster of Tapas…..Chorizo in cider, Arancini, Croquettes, King prawns in Hot peppers, Zucchini & Haloumi fritters and a beautiful Tortilla….

Little dishes of different taste explosions and textures! So great for a summer party and I love that everyone can get involved in the preparing and cooking of this together. That's a lovely experience to share with your friends and family over a long lazy afternoon or summer's evening. I have put together a few simple versions here using abundance available now, so play, explore and experiment with different versions and yes I will be posting more tapas treats during the coming months to create a truly delicious tapas experience.... Enjoy :-)

By Simon