Cuisine: Store cupboard

Winter Soup Of….. Roasted Pumpkin, Windfall Apple, Chilli & Thyme

Winter soups.... Hearty, nutritious, simple, flavoursome with that warming feel good factor, we call it food that smiles. Here is our recipe for roasted pumpkin, windfall apples and late flowering thyme soup, bringing a smile to your body on a chilly Winter's day.

By Simon

Banana & Vanilla Muffins…..By Sue Mitchell

Beautiful warm breakfast banana & vanilla muffins. This recipe whizzed its way down from Scotland, hence the weights are all imperial :-) ..... Simple to make and totally yum anytime of day.

By SueM

Whats In Your Store Cupboard……… Simple Flapjacks.

I was looking through my larder and noticed several half used packages of dried fruit and nuts and, hating waste as I do, decided to make these delicious flapjacks using up whatever was left. So my encouragement is see what you have left in the larder and experiment, you can't get it wrong! :)

By Sue

Abundant Plum Spiced Preserve…..

Abundant late summer English plums, forage the hedgerows and enjoy, truly worth the time and such a delicious sharing gift.

By Simon

Soda Bread…..

Soda bread, so simple to make. We love the aromas that fill the kitchen and the anticipation as the bread is placed on the hungry table.

By Simon

Honeycomb….Spice It Up

Delicious honeycomb, know in the west country as Hokey Pokey, glistening shards of maple, spiced or flavoured golden airy nuggets of indulgence, a real treat and excellent finish to many desserts. It's fun and we love it when the honeycomb explodes, like an erupting volcano. Enjoy.

By Simon

Roasted Pumpkin Soup & Floating Islands Of Ravioli…..

Abundant pumpkins & squash, transformed into a delicious, wholesome and nutritious soup so perfect for a harvest treat. Today we added little parcels of ravioli, packed with more seasonal flavour, hanging out and bobbing around our vibrant soup. Enjoy.

By Simon

Courgette, Chilli & Red Pepper Chutney……

Gosh, we seem to have a abundance of courgettes this year in the Heart Kitchen garden, time to preserve a few for the months ahead. Perfect as an accompaniment for meats, fish and glorious with cheese. Spicy, crunchy, Courgette and Chilli Red Pepper Chutney. Enjoy.

By Simon

Sue’s Rocky Fruit Buns……Little Volcanoes Of Fruitiness.

Susie's buns, crunchy on the outside, soft and fruity inside, delicious on a lazy Sunday with a big mug of freshly brewed hot tea...Perfect! As we shared " Little volcanoes of fruitiness "

By Simon

Rich Chicken Stock….

We love making this simple rich chicken stock, its like the magic touch to so many recipe's. In this recipe we use a whole fresh chicken, i love the meat that is left at the end, mincing around like a hungry caveman, now you could use up chicken and it's skeleton from a previous meal as well.

By Simon