Cuisine: Swiss

The Marvellous Princess Cake… By Lucy Simmons

Another week of the Great British Bake Off with a new technical challenge, the amazing Princess cake (Prinsesstarta). However, I decided to cover this amazing cake in fondant icing instead of marzipan. All these layers will work great together and I can't wait too eat some.

By lucy

SWISS CHARD & POTATO SOUP…. mmmm.. And how to prepare a beautiful vegetable stock….

Stock is the basis to all amazing soups..... Talk to anyone on this planet about soup in whatever variations, since the earliest moments people have kept simmering pots of various stock bases all day long on the kitchen stove. Now I realise that with our hectic lifestyles this may not be possible, so here's a thought! Stock will transform any dish, with that in mind, it's worth making! Make it in abundance with quality ingredients, it's fun, it requires little attention, it's therapeutic, it has a great feelgood factor! So it's worth making more than you need and freezing it in batches for a rainy day! OR EVEN make the stock on a rainy day!!!

By Simon