Crispy Chilli Beef with Black Beans……

By Simon  ,   

June 19, 2014

Waking up all your senses, this is the dish for you!!!!! Vibrant and alive, packed with flavour, fresh, sweet, crunchy, sticky with a gentle warmth, the black beans and quick stir fry vegetables give crunch, depth and colour. Served today on a bed of crispy, smoky rice noodles. You may want to make double as it's one of those dishes that just has you going back for more.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Yields: 4 Generous


600 Grams Sirloin steak

4 tbsp Rice wine

4 tbsp Chilli infused honey

4 tbsp Dark soy sauce

4 Small Plump garlic

Splash Vegetable oil

6 tbsp Cornflour

1 Medium Red onion

2 Medium Carrots

2 Medium Red peppers

400 Grams Black beans

1 Handful Fresh coriander

1 Handful Fresh basil

Scattering Sea salt and freshly milled black pepper

1 Medium Cucumber

1 Small handful Red chilli

2 Large Nests of fine rice noodles


Marinate the beautiful strips of beef steak in a non metallic bowl for at least an hour or longer, overnight in the fridge if you can.  Simply add rice wine, honey, chilli, soy sauce and garlic, give it all a good stir and combine with the beef steak, cover with cling film and chill until needed.

When you are ready to cook, prepare all the other ingredients.  Pour oil into a wok or high sided saucepan to a depth of about 8cm and heat the oil to 180c.  Keep an eye on the oil, so not to overheat and burn.  While the oil is heating up, strain as much liquid from the beef as you can, season the cornflour and combine with the beef, don't worry if it clogs a little, this will give you the crunch and texture.

Into the hot oil, drop your nest of noodles.  In 10 seconds they will puff up in front of your eyes.  Remove with a slotted spoon and drain onto kitchen paper.  Next add small batches of the beef, try to separate them as possible as you drop them into the hot oil and cook for approx 2 minutes.  Remove and drain onto kitchen paper.

Clean out the wok or pan, add 2 tbsp clean oil, heat and gently stir fry the onions, carrots and peppers for 2 minutes, add the drained and rinsed black beans to the vegetables and continue to gently stir fry for a further minute.

On a warmed serving platter, scatter the crispy noodles, the crunchy vegetables and warmed beans then the beef tossing it all together, add leaves of coriander and basil, a sprinkle of finely chopped chilli and cucumber.

Epic twist on the old Chinese favourite, shredded chilli beef.  A truly lovely dish to share.  Enjoy.



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