Exceptional Chocolate Cheesecake….. For The Buffday Boy.

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October 1, 2014

A chocolate explosion of sheer magnitude, baked chocolate cheesecake, laying on a crumbly chocolate biscuit bed, adorned with a silky rich chocolate glaze. If you love chocolate, this is an exceptional cake to make, celebration, party time or for pure indulgence give it a try.....

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 45 mins
  • Yields: 8 Party size


140 Grams Chocolate chip cookies

60 Grams Unsalted butter

1 tbsp Cocoa

200 Grams Dark chocolate

500 Grams Cream cheese

150 Grams Golden caster sugar

1 tbsp Cornflour

3 Medium Eggs

3 Medium Egg yolks

150 ml Soured cream

1/2 tsp Cocoa

100 Grams Dark chocolate

125 ml Double cream

1 tsp Golden syrup


A different kind of cake for our little rascal Robson's 19th birthday.  Some may say it's not really a cake, more of a dessert, well for me it's got the word cake in it, so cake it is.  A monumental explosion of pure chocolate, baked and set ready for the celebration.

To make the base, simply whizz up the biscuits of choice with butter and cocoa into a lumpy gravel,  press into your tin base, "23cm springform" and pop in the freezer while you make the decadent filling.

Preheat the oven to 180c, put a kettle on to boil,  smash up the chocolate and gently  melt over simmering water, and set aside to cool slightly.  Fill a large high sided roasting tray with enough boiling water to come half way up the sides of the springform tin, it's like a water bath, ready for baking.

Beat the cream cheese to soften it, add the sugar and cornflour, beating again until combined.  Add the whole eggs, extra egg yolks and the soured cream beating together, finally add the cocoa powder dissolved in a little hot water along with the cooled melted chocolate, mixing to a smooth batter.

Take the chilled base out of the freezer, line with cling film and a double layer of tin foil to protect the baking cheesecake from the hot water bath.

Pour the batter into the tin, place in the bath and bake for 45 minutes to an hour.  The top of the cheesecake should be set, and the underneath should still have a gentle wobble.  Remove from the oven, peel away the foil and film, setting the cheesecake in its tin on a rack to cool.  Once cool cover in cling film, place in the fridge to set, overnight is good.

To make the chocolate glaze, gently heat chocolate, cream and syrup until melted and shiny, let it cool a little.  Remove the cheesecake from the tin, sit it on a nice cake plate or stand, drizzle till your hearts content the chocolate glaze, any spare glaze is ideal as an accompanying sauce.

Have an epic 19th Rob with a ton of love, Dad (Simon)







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