Glazed Spiced Pork Belly On A Bed of Sweet Coriander Noodles & Pak Choi – By Phoebe Gale

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November 23, 2014

A true Oriental taste explosion. Honey glazed pork belly with epic crackling, juicy meat that falls of the bone, succulent, mouthwatering and truly simple.

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 4 hrs
  • Yields: 4 Generous


1 Kg Pork Belly

3 tbsp Five spice

3 tbsp Honey

250 Grams Brown Sugar

250 Grams Red wine vinegar

2 Medium Star Anise

1 Medium Cinnamon stick

500 ml Pineapple juice

500 ml Tomato juice

1/2 Medium Cucumber

1 Medium Carrot

1 Medium White onion

1 Handful Fresh corriander

2 Pinch Arrow root powder

Chunk Fine Noodles

1 Medium Lime

30 Grams Fresh ginger

1/2 Medium Red chilli

125 Grams Dark soy sauce

90 Grams Honey

1 Handful Fresh coriander

4 Chunk Pak Choi


For the Pork Belly-

Place the pork belly in a roasting tray and rub the skin with a little oil a nice handful of sea salt and the 5 spice. Cover the tray with foil and roast in the oven on 130c for 4 hours. Remove the foil and spread the honey over the skin, place back into the oven for a further 15-20 minutes 180c to caramelise the pork skin.  Whilst the pork is roasting make the oriental sauce.


For the Noodles and Sauce-

Combine the brown sugar, red wine vinegar, star anise and slightly crushed cinnamon stick into a pan, over a moderate heat reduce by half. Add the pineapple juice and tomato juice and again reduce the sauce by half. Thicken to your desired consistency with the arrow root.

Take the finely sliced vegetables and add to the sauce, add the lime juice, ginger, coriander leaves, chilli, soy sauce and honey keeping it on a low heat for 5 minutes. Take the noodles and add into the sauce take off the heat and leave this to marinate for 3 hours.

Bring back to the heat just before serving to warm through.

For the Pak Choi-

Place your 4 pieces of Pak Choi in a steamer a healthy peel of some fresh ginger to infuse. Steam for about 5 minutes until tender and ready to serve.


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