Kicking Gammon with Spiced Cabbage …..

By Simon  ,   

January 29, 2014

For you Rod......Big hearty flavours...... a spicy twist on a beautiful Gammon joint, using some old favourites, apples, cider and spicing it up with chilli, coriander and cinnamon .........Enjoy!

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 2 hrs
  • Yields: 8


1 1/5 Kg Gammon joint

500 ml Cider

1 Litre Cloudy apple juice

2 Medium Apples

2 Medium Cinnamon sticks

1 tbsp Coriander seeds

4 Medium Red chillies

2 tbsp Dark brown sugar

1 Heaped tbsp Cornflour

1/2 tsp Chilli powder

2 tbsp oil

1 tsp Cumin seeds

1 Medium Red onion

1/2 Medium Red cabbage

1 tbsp Butter

1 Heaped tbsp Brown sugar

1 Medium Lemon

Scattering Sea salt and freshly milled black pepper


1. Soak the gammon in plenty of cold water in a fridge for 3 hrs or overnight, drain well and rinse.

2. Into a large casserole, place the gammon joint along with the juice, cider, apples, chilli, and the spices, making sure the liquid covers over to top of the joint (you can top up with water if not). Bring to the boil and then gently simmer with a lid on for 1 1/2 hrs, turning the joint carefully every 20 mins or so.

3. Pre-heat oven 220c. Remove the gammon from the juicy liquid, transfer to a roasting tray and set to one side. The cooking juice will now become your sauce..... simply bring it to the boil, uncovered over a high heat until it has reduced, approx 10 mins. Strain through a sieve, pressing as much goodness through as possible. Taste and adjust the sweetness with the sugar and seasoning.

4. Cut the rind from the gammon, leaving a thin layer of fat, the rind is not edible really, although cut up our dogs love it !!!! With a sharp knife score the fat into diamonds. To glaze the joint, spoon a little of your sauce over, sprinkle with brown sugar (you could always sub the sugar for a beautiful honey) and the chilli powder, and roast in the oven at 200c for approx 15 mins until the gammon is golden and caramelised. Keep warm while you finish of the sauce.

5. Gently re-heat the sauce, blend the cornflower into a smooth paste and add slowly, stirring as you go to thicken to a consistency of your liking. To serve, place the gammon onto a warmed platter, cut a few slices and drizzle with the sauce, serve with spiced red cabbage and a buttery mash.  We also love this recipe served in a toasted pitta bread, filled to the gunnels with the gammon and spicy cabbage, drizzled with a little sauce.

Rod.... big and spicy just like you.......Enjoy our friend.

To make this simple red spiced cabbage. Heat a large frying pan, over a medium heat, add the oil, throw in the cumin seeds and sizzle for 30 seconds, add the onions and cook to soften and colour, approx 10 mins. Add the cabbage and the butter, cooking for 5 mins, stirring or tossing often, add the zest and juice, toss to combine, taste and adjust seasoning. Boom!!!  simple quick delicious . Have fun!



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