Lamb …. Greek Style

By Simon    

June 20, 2014

Well to say the Greeks love their food is a massive under statement. Their philosophy is simple, start eating even before it's arrived at the table. Today we share a old family favourite handed down from generations of the Georgiou Family. Real, simple delicious food using a local farm shop for the star of today's menu, Leg of Lamb. Enjoy as your kitchen slowly fills with the delicious aromas of slow, slow, slow roasted Greek Lamb.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 4 hrs
  • Yields: 1


2 Medium Lemons

2 Medium Heads of garlic

6 Medium Bay leaves

2 tsp Dried oregano

4 Sprig Fresh rosemary

1 Scattering White peppercorns

4 Splash Greek olive oil

1 Medium Leg of lamb

1 Bunch Quantity of mixed seasonal vegetables

Scattering Sea salt and freely milled black pepper

Chunk Fresh feta cheese


This is such a simple dish to prepare, cook and share.  An old family recipe given to us at Heart Kitchen by the Georgiou Family, they say the secret's in marinating and taking some time to slow things down a little, letting the flavours immerse deep into the meat, cooking on a low heat over time.

Firstly get yourself a leg of lamb, buy locally, there are many small suppliers around every corner and it's great to know where your meat comes from, how its reared and loved.  Celia calls this simply...provenance to plate.  Today we have a beautiful Leg of Lamb, reared 5 miles away on a great little farm, by people who care and sold from their Seasons Farm Shop.

First make the marinade.  In a large bag, large enough to entomb the meat, add 2 lemons, zested, cut and squeezed, 2 heads of garlic (smashed), 6 ripped bay leaves, 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary, a couple of teaspoons of dried oregano, a scattering of white peppercorns (bashed a little) and a large glut or two of Greek olive oil.  Slash the lamb a few times, this really allows the marinade to penetrate deep into the meat and place the meat in the bag, give it a good massage and some love, seal the bag and place in the fridge for 24 hours.

Ready to cook.. Pre heat your oven to 120c.  Place a base of roots, carrot, celery etc, really whatever you got lurking in the chiller to make a bed in a large oven tray.  Place the lamb on top of the bed, squeeze every last drop of juice from the bag, giving it all a final massage, working into the slashes.  Roast for a minimum of 4 hrs, longer if you like.  The kitchen will start to fill with all the amazing aromas of rosemary, lemon, garlic, oregano and lamb.

While the lamb is cooking away, prepare a selection of seasonal veggies, today we are using baby potatoes, courgettes, beets, carrots, leeks, just a simple wash and clean will do, cut into random sizes, toss in a little more Greek olive oil and season.

Turn up the heat to 180c, add all the veggies giving item a good toss in all the lovely juices and caramelised lemons and garlic, roast until golden and tender.  Remove the lamb after 20 minutes on the higher heat, really just to crisp up a little, loosely cover on top of the oven and rest, letting the veggies roast away.

Serve on a large warmed platter, surrounding the lamb with all your delicious roast veg and as an option to stick with the Georgiou family traditions sprinkle with handfuls of crumbled feta cheese.  To serve pull the lamb apart with 2 large forks and let your guests dig in.  A fond memory of times spent with the Georgious... simply get in there because they are Greek and the Greeks don't wait around, especially where food has their attention.

Enjoy your dish Christine 🙂





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