Oyster Mushroom, Buffalo Mozzarella & White Bean Frittata…..

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March 26, 2015

For my Wife Susan......A super quick and totally delicious nightshade & dairy free recipe for the epic frittata.....Wild mushrooms, garlic, white beans, buffalo mozzarella, eggs and parsley.

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Yields: 4 Generous


2 Handful Oyster mushrooms

2 Garlic

4 Handful White or butter beans

6 Balls of buffalo mozzarella

8-10 Eggs

Sea salt

Freshly milled black pepper

1 Handful Parsley


Simply love this dish, one pan cooking at its best.  Over a gentle heat, add a splash of oil into your large frying pan, toss in the chopped mushrooms, beans and smashed garlic, season well and fry for 2-3 minutes, whilst this is happening beat the eggs and season, add to the pan amongst the mushrooms and beans.  Liberally add chunks of ripped buffalo mozzarella and continue to cook gently until the eggs start to firm underneath, about 3 minutes, whilst the egg is cooking whack on your grill, take the pan from the heat, scatter within ripped parsley, more black pepper and place the pan directly under the grill to soufflé and crisp up the top about 2 minutes...... done, serve immediately in the pan to your table with a simple pea shoot salad drizzled with balsamic or hunks of freshly ripped bread. Enjoy.


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