The Girls’ Greek Salad…..served on a beautiful plate

By Simon    

June 6, 2014

Greek salad..... to say the Greeks left a culinary mark on the planet would be an understatement, This dish, loved worldwide and when made with more love - today with Sue & Kami, can only be described as heaven on a plate; and the plate played a big part too in creating this amazing dish full of bold flavours. We mixed it up a little with herbs from our kitchen garden, fresh and vibrant, using beautiful olives, the freshest tomatoes, creamy feta and a splash or two of good greek olive oil. See for yourself and thankyou girls for the beautiful presentation.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Yields: 1


3 Tomatoes different varieties

1 Handful Cherry tomatoes

1 Red onion

1 Cucumber

1 Green pepper

1 Handful Fresh dill

1 Handful Fresh mint leaves

1 Handful Black olives

Sea salt

1 Handful Fresh chives and the colourful pastal purple flowers

1 Dash Red wine vinegar

1 Dash Greek olive oil

200 Grams Feta cheese

1 Scattering Fresh picked oregano

And of course a handful of fragrant Greek basil


Greek Salad......

My invitation is to get involved, connect, look for the perfection in all the imperfection as you create, use your hands, chop randomly, rip, feel, squidge, toss, smell, taste, wake up and evoke all your senses and the salad will be perfect!  Play some Greek music, share a little wine together and remember as you cook, smile 🙂 my guess is you already are...... it will make all the difference......... heaven on a plate.


Why am I sharing about the cool plate, well the love that went into sourcing and preparing this amazing dish deserved to be recognised in the serving too..... on a beautiful loved platter... Check this out....

Beautiful Hand Milled Circular Limestone Fossil Platter. Each stunning fossil formation is unique to this natural work of art and an original piece of history.

Made out of limestone from the Atlas Mountains that has been hand-milled, with a clear glaze to ensure the platter is not porous, therefore food friendly.




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