Tina’s Platter Gets Christened…. Chinese Style Proper Sweet & Sour Pork

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October 14, 2014

Forget the sweet and sour pork we sometimes get in the UK, heavy doughy balls with little pork inside them, drenched in sweet and obscurely red sauce. This is the real deal, a family favourite at our table, taken from a really old recipe book by Ken Hom Chinese cookery 1984. delicately and boldly balanced with fresh lean pork, served today with fresh cut pineapple and noodles. And as the title suggests the first meal served on our newly commissioned platter, designed and created by our great friend Tina Davies, just perfect together.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 4 Generous


350 Grams Lean pork, today we used the leftover roasted loin of pork ( Sunday lunch ) epic

1 tbsp Rice wine or dry sherry

1 tbsp Light soy sauce

Sea salt and freshly milled black pepper to season

1 Green pepper

1 Red pepper

2 Carrots

1 Handful Spring onions

1 Egg beaten

2 tbsp Cornflour

Groundnut oil

150 ml Chicken stock

1 tbsp Light soy sauce

1 Pinch Sea salt

1 tbsp Dark brown sugar

1 Splash Rice wine vinegar

1 Heaped tbsp Tomato puree

1 tsp Cornflour

1 Fresh pineapple

1 Epic warmed platter


Place the cubed pork into a non-metallic mixing bowl together with the sherry or rice wine, 1 tbsp light soy, season well, cover and marinate for 20 minutes.  In a large wok heat the oil ready for deep frying.   Meanwhile prepare the peppers, carrots, spring onion and pineapple and make the chicken stock.  Blend cornflour with the egg to make a batter, dip the pork in the mixture coating each chunk well.  Deep fry the pork until golden and cooked, remove with a slotted spoon, draining onto kitchen paper.  Combine the chicken stock with the cornflour, soy, salt, vinegar, sugar and tomato paste in a pan over a gentle heat, bringing to the boil to thicken the sauce place to one side.  Empty the oil from the wok leaving a drizzle in the wok and over a hot flame, stir fry the vegetables until cooked yet crunchy and starting to caramelise.  Add the fried pork and sauce, coating each morsel, serving immediately onto a large warmed platter to your hungry guests. Enjoy this traditional recipe from the master of Chinese Cuisine Mr Ken Hom..... And thank you Tina Davies for the amazing platter, each time we use it we will be connected to you 🙂



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