“When Life Throws You Lemons” Make Niamh’s Sicilian Lemon Cheese Cake Mousse………

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May 27, 2018

As we say "When life throws you lemons, make delicious cheesecake mousse"........   There is something rather amazing about awoken Sicilian lemons in a dreamy creamy cheesecake mouse, slathered over this delicious crunchy base...... It's so simple to create and so cool to share with family and friends, as we shared in the recipe try the groovy upside down version......

  • Yields: 6 hungry mouths


8 Lemon shortbread biscuits, Dutchy organics do a delicious sicillian lemon, roughly smashed

4 Digestive or silimar biscuits, roughly smashed

2 tbsp Melted butter

For the cheese cake

500 g Mascarpone

250 g Ricotta

4 Sicillian lemons, woken with a good hand rolling, finely zested and juiced, reserve some lemon shard from 1 lemon for decoration

Icing sugar to taste (I discovered that its so easy to make icing dust by whizzing up granuted sugar in a small blender )


Build the base

Add the crushed biscuits to melted butter giving it a jolly good mix pressing into a sprinformed deep tin, pop into your freezer to chill a while...

Make the filling

Whisk all the ingredients together, adding a little icing dust to suit your tasty buds, the mixture should be super smooth, creamy with a kick of lemon. Spoon onto the chilled base pressing it all down firmly. Place in the fridge to chill and firm about 2 hours.... before serving remove from tin place on a groovy plate, scatter with shards of lemon zest and devour... For a funky look use 6 beautiful glasses fill with the sicillian lemon mixture, scatter over the biscuit base crumbs, shards of lemon, chill in the fridge and serve, its like upside down cheesecake.....

Why not sub up the lemons for zesty oranges, using a orange shortbread.  Top with your favourite seasonal berries..... My dad's favourite is to add elderflower to the lemon cheesecake and adorn with elderflower flowers.  My mum's is strawberry crushed with a dash or three of summer Pimms, topped with sweet British strawberries....


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