Wild Mushroom Soup with Smashed Garlic Parsley Sourdough

By Simon    

January 28, 2014

At Heart Kitchen we love a little forage, fields, hedgerows, woodlands, farmers market or supermarket, yes forage the supermarket. So at a recent Heart Kitchen event we promised to create a dish that would best describe a participant. Wild, eclectic, fun, big hearted, comforting and warming. So here it is and it's just for you Diane, I want to say Fun-girl....... as in Fungi ..... ūüôā

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 4 Large


4 Handful Wild mushrooms

1000 ml Vegetable stock

Scattering Sea salt & freshly milled black pepper

100 ml Single cream

1 Medium Sourdough loaf

4 Cloves Garlic

1 Heaped tbsp Butter

1 Handful Parsley

Splash Truffle oil


This is a cinch to make, although if foraging the fields, hedges and woodlands is, dare I say,  the challenge !!! To find out more about our experiences of mushrooming see Celia's wonderful, fun, story under Heart Musings " Forage the forest"  check it out, guaranteed to bring a rather large smile to your face........anyway on with the recipe.

Prepare the lovely mushrooms, place them into a large saucepan of bubbling stock.  It's so worth making your own stock, simmer gently to soften the mushrooms, taste and taste again, adjust the seasoning.  Whilst your soup is simmering, slice the sourdough and liberally smoother in butter, garlic and the chopped parsley, season and toast until melted and golden. With a stick blender, whizz up the soup.  Add the cream to the soup and gently stir in. Top with a dash more cream and a splash of truffle oil, a scattering of cracked black pepper and serve with the warm bread and devoir.... For you Diane and enjoy your foraging, wherever that may be!



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