Category: Heart Recipes for Kids

Crispy Popcorn Spiced Chicken and Veggie Slaw………

Forget the takeaway.......The most simple, easy, crispy spiced, sharing popcorn chicken! Super healthy and full of goodness!......Today served with a crisp vegetable slaw........

By Simon

Paneer & Cabbage Curry

The most delicious Veggie Curry EVER! So quick to make and so full of flavour! Enjoy x

By Mummy to a hungry toddler

Curried Coconut & Roasted Cauli Curry

So after turning Veggie after Christmas its been tricky to come up with dishes that pack the flavour! This Curry is absolutley delicious and even my kids ate it as its not a spicy dish! It's so simple and quick to make, you could add your own twist to it with different veggies (let me know!) Also the Roasted Cauliflower is unbelieveably good, its actaully a great healthy snack alternative for kids to, Leo loves it! Enjoy Guys! Px



By Mummy to a hungry toddler

Chocolate Egg Filled Chocolate Fondants… By Lucy Simmons

Not just for Easter.........

By lucy

Coconut Cream Cake… By Lucy Simmons

A rich coconut cake with a delightful creamy topping adding the extra crunch with some desiccated coconut.

By lucy

Carrot Cake Today Using Agave Syrup … By Lucy Simmons

Carrot cake, fruity, moist packed with goodness and totally delicious, today using Agave syrup..........

By lucy

Caramel Apple Sponge… By Lucy Simmons

Bursting with flavour and simple and delicious dessert.........

By lucy

Nana’s Banana & Pecan Pudding Loaf… By Lucy Simmons

Epic Nana dessert, it lays somewhere between a cake, a pudding and a loaf bread. Totally moorish, over ripe banana, almonds and crushed pecans or walnuts, serve still warm from the oven with a thick vanilla custard or ice cold cream straight from the fridge

By lucy

Chocolate Bark……..Great Fun With The Kids…. By Lucy Simmons

Chocolate fun times with the kids, using up any leftover chocolate, milk, white, dark.... Using anything else in the Aladdin's sweety cave, sprinkles, meringue, honeycomb the choice is endless..........

By lucy

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake… By Lucy Simmons

Amazing...and delicious!

By lucy